Primary Teaching Day

Category: Training - Regional Teaching Programme

Date: June 7th 2019 9:00am until 5:00pm

Location: Main Theatres, 1st Floor (Dave's Room), Great Western Hospital SN3 6BB

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Renal Primary FRCA study day

09:15 Dr Tony Pickworth

◦ Definition of pH, strong and weak acids

◦ Acid Base Balance – buffers, Henderson-Hasselbalch eqn, anion gap

◦ Regulation of acid-base balance

◦ Osmolarity/ Osmolality, partition of fluids across membranes, tonicity

◦ Capillary dynamics and ISF, osmosis, filtration and convection

◦ Regulation of water and electrolyte balance, response to fluid loss/ hypovolaemia


10:15 Dr Edward Bick

◦Structure and function, renal circulation

◦Blood flow, glomerular filtration, plasma clearance, TG feedback

◦Tubular function and urine formation, transport processes

◦?Renal drugs: diuretics, classification, indications, side effects

◦ Micturition


11:15 Dr Rachel Prout

◦Practicalities of RRT

◦Haemofiltration/dialysis - who/what/when/why


12:15 Lunch break

13:00 Dr Tanaji Dasgupta

◦Pathophysiology of acute renal failure

◦Assessment of renal function

◦Role of urea and creatinine measurement


14:00 Drs Harrison and Storey

◦MCQ Practice


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