Severn Postgraduate Medical Education

ACCS Regional Training Programme

There is a combined regional teaching programme for ACCS. This is mapped to the ACCS curriculum and the clinical presentations to be covered are indicated in the programme.

Training days are usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The programme covers the ACCS EM, AM and elements of the ICM curriculum on a rolling basis, every 2 years.

At the start of each module there will be a “New 2” course that acts as an introduction for that specialty.

Eligibility to attend the training days is as follows:

  • All ACCS trainees (regardless of base specialty) can attend the Regional ACCS teaching during their AM and EM posts. The programme will be directed to cover the AM and EM elements of the curriculum.
  • EM and AM trainees can continue to attend this training throughout their 2 years of ACCS.
  • Anaesthetic trainees are invited to attend the FRCA and FICM training throughout their 2 years of ACCS training. EM and AM trainees whilst working in Anaesthetics and ICM can also attend the FRCA and FICM training if they wish.